Factors to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Color For Your Home


A tired and worn carpet can bring down your home's look and feel like nothing else. Putting in a new carpet can be a great way of revamping the interior and giving it a fresh look. However, when it comes to choosing a suitable carpet color, most homeowners find themselves torn due to the numerous shades available. Before you go shopping for a new carpet, consider these factors which can help you quickly narrow down to a few color options that would be ideal for your home.

Assess your home's interior décor

When it comes to interior home design, the overall color scheme of a room can influence the mood therein; therefore, before getting a new carpet, it is essential to assess your interior décor. Your new carpet should match or complement the existing décor. Avoid carpet colors that will clash with the existing décor as this can make your home look busy and unappealing.

Various shades give a different vibe to a room; for example, yellows make a space feel cheerful, blues and greens give a cool, fresh look and feel, while reds and oranges create a relaxing atmosphere. With this in mind, you can choose a color that sets the desired mood while matching the interior décor.

Trendy vs. neutral colors

If you are the person that likes to keep up with the current trends on all things interior design, you may want to research the carpet colors that are dominating the industry. Keeping up with the current trends can be exciting. However, before choosing a certain color just because it's popular, it is worth realizing that trends change every often. Make sure that you will still find the shade appealing and suitable for your home, even after it has gone out of style.

Instead of going for trendy shades, you can consider neutral colors which are always appealing. They include earth colors, brown, gray, and beige. The best thing with selecting neutral shades is that although they may look dull, you can add accent colors by choosing other shades for your décor such as wall treatments, couch, scatter pillows and much more.

Dark vs. light shades

Dark carpets tend to make a room look smaller and are suitable if you want to cover a large space. They may not be ideal for a small home as it can look smaller than it is. If you have a small home and want to make it look bigger, a light carpet would be the ideal choice. In addition to giving an illusion of space, light colors can also make the space look brighter, especially if there isn't enough natural light in the room.

Have these factors in mind so that you can get the ideal carpet color for your home. Also, make sure that you approach a reputed dealer for a quality carpet that will serve you for a reasonable period.


9 December 2016

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