Deliberating On New Floors? Enjoy the Benefits of Laminate


Re-flooring your home can be a tedious process. But if your current floor is looking worse for wear, it is mandatory to have them replaced, or they will detract significantly from your interior d├ęcor's appearance. Take note, however, that re-flooring your home does not have to be incredibly costly. Furthermore, by choosing the right supplies, you can have new floors in your home at the shortest time possible. So if you have been discounting laminate as a top flooring option, it may be time to start rethinking this point of view.

9 December 2018

Revamping your old timber decking in 4 easy steps


Whether you've just bought a new house or you want to invest a bit of love in your existing home, revamping your timber decking will significantly improve the look of your property, and add real value to your investment. Timber is universally adored for its inherent, natural beauty and the rich diversity of wood species. Outdoor entertaining and relaxing are two of the best parts of life in the Australian climate, and a timber deck provides the perfect space to kick up those heels or kick back and relax.

27 July 2018