Deliberating On New Floors? Enjoy the Benefits of Laminate


Re-flooring your home can be a tedious process. But if your current floor is looking worse for wear, it is mandatory to have them replaced, or they will detract significantly from your interior décor's appearance. Take note, however, that re-flooring your home does not have to be incredibly costly. Furthermore, by choosing the right supplies, you can have new floors in your home at the shortest time possible. So if you have been discounting laminate as a top flooring option, it may be time to start rethinking this point of view. This article illuminates a few of the benefits that you will enjoy when you elect to install new laminate floors. 

Laminate flooring is affordable

Indubitably, laminate flooring is one of the most cost-effective flooring supplies that you can consider for your house. This type of material is not expensive to manufacture. Thus, you get to enjoy lower price points when purchasing flooring supplies without worrying about diminished quality. In addition to this, laminate flooring is not complicated to install so you will not be paying a massive amount of money in labour costs either!

Laminate flooring is simple to maintain

Irrespective of where you install your flooring, you can be assured that they will get some use. And depending on how much traffic your flooring supplies receive, it could mean spending a lot of your time on their upkeep. Laminate flooring is a material that will eliminate this problem. The flooring is water-resistant, so you do not have to accord it the same attention as you would timber flooring. Secondly, the flooring is non-porous, which translates into a reduced chance of permanent staining. Therefore, if you want flooring supplies that will stay pristine for the long term, then laminate is an ideal choice for your needs.

Laminate flooring is attractive

Gone are the days when laminate was relegated to provisional applications or kitschy décor simply because it had an unappealing appearance. In this day and age, technological upgrades in the processing and manufacturing of laminate flooring have brought about a vast range of designs, styles and colour to choose from. For example, if you have had your eye on timber floorboards but are unwilling to put in the maintenance that they require, then you can opt to have your laminate flooring designed to mimic timber grain. Conversely, if you prefer the rustic appeal that natural stone lends to the interior décor of a home, you could have your laminate flooring designed to mimic slate.


9 December 2018

Getting a colourful floor for our cafe

Our cafe has a funky and bright colour scheme. It's hard to find the right flooring option as we have a lot of foot traffic and bright colours can look dull when we have had a busy period. It also tends to fade when we have to use heavy strength cleaning chemicals on heavier messes. Recently we have started exploring some non-traditional flooring options such as flooring based on recycled plastics and rubber based plastics with poured patterns. It looks really good. This blog talks about some of the flooring options that are available for high traffic areas, including some of the newer and non-traditional materials you can use.