Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring for Your Home


If you are constructing a new residence, you'll need to decide what material to use for your flooring. Some homeowners may opt to base this decision on economics and end up selecting a cheap flooring material. However, cheap tends to be expensive in the long run because you will become dogged with repairs and even replacement of the flooring. Instead, you should consider making an investment in something that is both attractive and  durable. One of the best options for this would be hardwood flooring. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose this flooring material.

Hardwood flooring is hygienic

One of the biggest benefits of hardwood flooring is that it is a healthy alternative for your home. It is not uncommon to find some homeowners will purchase cheap flooring materials and then attempt to camouflage them with carpeting. However, carpeting is a magnet for dust, pollen, mites and a multitude of other pollutants. Without adequate cleaning, you might find your family affected by allergens that could cause a host of respiratory problems. To prevent all this, you should consider hardwood flooring. Hardwood will not harbor any dirt and dust, which ensures the quality of your indoor air is not compromised. This, in turn, ensures your family stays healthy.

Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain

Hardwood tends to get a bad rap when it comes to maintenance. However, the only reason your hardwood flooring would require arduous maintenance measures is if you choose not to seal it. If you are looking for convenience, simply ensure that your hardwood flooring is sealed on a regular basis. Once the flooring is sealed, you can easily maintain it by wiping it down as needed to keep it looking pristine. Sealant also ensures that your hardwood flooring will not be susceptible to stains from spills. This is unlike stains in carpeting, which can become an eye sore.

Hardwood flooring has a long lifespan

Another benefit of hardwood flooring is that it lasts for decades. One thing to note, though, is that you are purchasing hardwood flooring that is made from heartwood. This type of wood comes from the inner parts of the tree and is resistant to an array of things such as rot, pests and more. Heartwood is also less likely to warp and crack over time, thus ensuring that your hardwood flooring serves you for a significant amount of time.


12 December 2016

Getting a colourful floor for our cafe

Our cafe has a funky and bright colour scheme. It's hard to find the right flooring option as we have a lot of foot traffic and bright colours can look dull when we have had a busy period. It also tends to fade when we have to use heavy strength cleaning chemicals on heavier messes. Recently we have started exploring some non-traditional flooring options such as flooring based on recycled plastics and rubber based plastics with poured patterns. It looks really good. This blog talks about some of the flooring options that are available for high traffic areas, including some of the newer and non-traditional materials you can use.