3 Reasons to Refresh Your Carpets


When redecorating we often default to repainting walls and replacing furniture to refresh the look of our rooms.  It feels like an easier solution than removing everything from the space and replacing the flooring.  However, if you can bring yourself to put in that extra effort, there are a lot of benefits to replacing the carpet.  Here are just a few of them.

New Look

You definitely shouldn't underestimate how much a new carpet can change the look of your room.  Even just a subtle change will have an impact — because not only will a different colour affect the colour ambience of the room, but it will also reflect light differently.  A lighter coloured carpet may make a space look bigger, for example, as the light will bounce off it more and open up the space.  You could also change from a warm-coloured carpet to a cool-coloured one, changing the colour scheme altogether.  For the biggest visual impact, however, choose a bright statement colour.  If you choose something that's currently on trend, you'll have a greater chance of finding accessories — such as picture frames and candle holders — to match and create a cohesive look.


Even if you vacuum your carpets frequently, carpets are likely to collect dust, dead skin and other debris which will compound over time.  Deep cleaning can help to combat this, but doing this frequently would add up to a sizeable cleaning bill.  As such, replacing your carpets on a fairly regular basis may be a good way to help to keep your home free of contaminants.  This is a particularly good benefit if you suffer from allergies or a respiratory condition as old and dirty carpets may exacerbate these problems.


Although replacing the carpet frequently may sound costly, consider the cost of it weighed up against replacing the room's furniture.  If you're going to be redecorating your room, it's likely to be much less expensive to replace the carpet than it is to replace everything else — and it will refresh the room just as much.  Plus, replacing the carpet doesn't have to break the bank.  There are good quality carpets available at a wide variety of prices.  It's just a matter of deciding on your budget in advance, and asking your carpet provider which brands and ranges they have which will suit that budget.

Though it may seem like a fuss to replace the carpet, in truth it's no more exerting than moving furniture in and out or covering it all up to paint the walls.


14 December 2016

Getting a colourful floor for our cafe

Our cafe has a funky and bright colour scheme. It's hard to find the right flooring option as we have a lot of foot traffic and bright colours can look dull when we have had a busy period. It also tends to fade when we have to use heavy strength cleaning chemicals on heavier messes. Recently we have started exploring some non-traditional flooring options such as flooring based on recycled plastics and rubber based plastics with poured patterns. It looks really good. This blog talks about some of the flooring options that are available for high traffic areas, including some of the newer and non-traditional materials you can use.