4 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Flooring


Choosing the best flooring for your home renovations can be a daunting task as every material has its advantages and downsides. However, vinyl flooring has been gaining popularity in the recent years thanks to its durability and being scratch- and water-resistant. In fact, it is the most preferred flooring option thanks to its ease of cleaning, cost-effectiveness and simplicity of installation, among other benefits. If you are considering installing vinyl floor but aren't really convinced enough, consider the following benefits:

Waterproof and Durable

Vinyl comes in two major formats: sheet vinyl and tile vinyl. Both were traditionally used in kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their waterproof nature. They resist moisture absorption even when subjected to large spills or standing water.

Vinyl is also resistant to stains and scratches and is also highly durable; these two outstanding qualities make vinyl one of the most sought tiling option on the market. However, with advancement in technologies that allows the creation of beautiful wood look in any room, vinyl flooring is no longer limited to kitchen and bathrooms.

Ease of Installation

The simplicity with which vinyl flooring is installed gives it an upper hand over most flooring options on the market. Vinyl flooring, especially sheet vinyl, can be rolled out over an extended surface. Other options such as individual tiles can be installed one at a time while planks can be placed in a specific pattern using the jigsaw puzzle. The only tool required when installing vinyl flooring is a utility knife to make the edges finer.

Stain Resistance

Most of the vinyl flooring comes with a wear layer that resists spills and stains--this protection is available in vinyl sheets and tiles. However, composite and solid vinyl tiles are not fitted with this surface protection but can last for a long time without getting stained. When stained, they only require a simple stripping and polishing to restore their striking colour.


Over the last couple of years, vinyl flooring has seen remarkable improvements in replicating other surfaces and textures. It can simulate classy luxury woods like maple, teak, oak, pine or walnut. The fashionable replication is highly comprehensive, right down to the oblique edges, textured embossing and grain pattern. They are available in different colour options and textures to heighten realistic feel and look of the original surface.

Ease of cleaning

Vinyl floors are easy to clean as a quick vacuuming or sweep is enough for regular maintenance of these floors. To give it a thorough cleaning, mop with mild detergent and warm water.

All the above benefits make vinyl flooring a better option for many projects. With a wide variety of designs available, they can offer a better choice for those who may be looking to improve the appearance of their home.


19 December 2016

Getting a colourful floor for our cafe

Our cafe has a funky and bright colour scheme. It's hard to find the right flooring option as we have a lot of foot traffic and bright colours can look dull when we have had a busy period. It also tends to fade when we have to use heavy strength cleaning chemicals on heavier messes. Recently we have started exploring some non-traditional flooring options such as flooring based on recycled plastics and rubber based plastics with poured patterns. It looks really good. This blog talks about some of the flooring options that are available for high traffic areas, including some of the newer and non-traditional materials you can use.