How to Decorate a Corridor


Corridors and hallways are frequently overlooked when it comes to good interior design aesthetics. If you only concentrate on the reception rooms, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, then you will find that the linking spaces between them look drab by comparison. Therefore, it is always good to look at the overall style of your corridor, which will include the flooring, the wall treatments and the furnishings. Read on to take a look at some contemporary corridor decoration ideas.

Get it Right From the Floorboards Up

The way in which a corridor floor is decorated will have a big impact on the rest of the overall design. For upstairs corridors and landings, carpets are often chosen. However, they do not integrate well with laminate flooring that you might have in the entrance way. Timber flooring is often a more successful choice because it is easy to clean when trodden over regularly and because it is relatively inexpensive. You can always cover a timber floor with a rug or a runner but you can't cover a carpet with timber so it is the best way to decorate if you want the best of worlds.

Make Sure You Illuminate Well

Lighting a corridor well is the key to making the rest of the wall treatments stand out. Whether you prefer very decorative wallpaper or a much plainer effect from a paint application, good lighting will make it work. Since many corridors do not have natural light from a window or a skylight, artificial lighting is important. To get this right you need an even spread of light along what is essentially a long, thin room. As such, you should opt for multiple light fittings recessed in the ceiling, or set up a catenary system which means that the whole of the corridor is lit properly with no drab, dark patches.

Take It Easy With What You Put In

Smaller hallways often suffer because there is just too much crammed in. Opt for a single slimline piece of furniture that does not mean you need to turn sideways every time you pass it. A lone desk or sideboard is ideal. Avoid coat hangers because these often result in shoes, coats and bags all getting dumped in the same area. If you want to add visual interest to your corridor, then framed photographs or artworks are preferable. They certainly fit in with the dimensions of a corridor much better than bulkier objets d'art and other homely nick-nacks.


21 March 2017

Getting a colourful floor for our cafe

Our cafe has a funky and bright colour scheme. It's hard to find the right flooring option as we have a lot of foot traffic and bright colours can look dull when we have had a busy period. It also tends to fade when we have to use heavy strength cleaning chemicals on heavier messes. Recently we have started exploring some non-traditional flooring options such as flooring based on recycled plastics and rubber based plastics with poured patterns. It looks really good. This blog talks about some of the flooring options that are available for high traffic areas, including some of the newer and non-traditional materials you can use.